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We’ve created our Ottawa Auto Loan application with the client first. Our online application only takes a few minutes to fill out and your information is securely sent.


After you submit your application and it has reached us, our experts will work with you to get a loan that suits your needs. Our team will help guide you and get you approved.


At the end of the process and once you're approved, our staff will be sure to help you get into your car! Its as fast and easy as it sounds. Apply to get your car as quickly as today.

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Bad or no credit?

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Having a bad credit history can affect any or every loan application. Applicants can get rejected due to a bad credit score. Bad credit scores happen by taking into amount various factors including the amount of times a person has failed to pay or settle their past credit accounts on time, having a short / poor credit history and having unsuccessfully applied quite a few times for a car loan.

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Used Car Loans

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These factors can be detrimental to a person's future loan applications when looking for a new car loan, as most car dealers would turn it down as soon as they find out about their not-so-impressive credit history. There is certainly no magic wand that can turn around credit history instantly but Ottawa, ON loans is ready to give its customers a second chance at auto loans.

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People who are willing to make amends for their past failures can now get loans on used cars through Ottawa, ON loans. These bad credit car loans have helped the scores of people trying to get their credit history back on track by acquiring a car loan at low interest rates. The entire idea behind bad credit car loans is to allow people with past financing issues to finally acquire financing for a car of their choice.

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